X-Clacks-Overhead Semaphore

A friend of mine has just shared with me the following article: Terry Pratchett’s unfinished novels destroyed by steamroller.
I have been growing up with several books with Terry Pratchett name on their cover.

In tribute to the late Sir Terry Pratchett (12 March 2015), many websites have added the message “GNU Terry Pratchett” into the html header “X-Clacks-Overhead”.

…of course this personal website is doing the same.

If you want to know if a website is sending this message, you can use a browser plugin/extension to display the X-Clacks-Overhead in Clacks Semaphore, and you will see a similar iconĀ  in your browser.
The plugins are:

If you are interested in displaying this message in your website, please have a look at X-Clacks-Overhead.
And remember:

“A man is not dead while his name is still spoken.”
The unseen, silent tribute to those we have lost.


Image thanks to:
:iconbartpaaddiator:Clacks relay tower
by bartpaaddiator